Selecting a Mattress

How do you buy a mattress?

Expertise and selection - It is recommended to visit several shops that specialize in selling mattresses. Try out a number of mattresses by lying on them, checkout if they are comfortable for you and take into account, the recommendations of the sales person.

Company/brand – Buy from a company or brand that a brand that are well know for their quality
Quality, reliability, responsibility and long warranty raise the degree of confidence in the quality of the product. A company that gives longer warranty shows that it believes in the product that it manufactures and knows why!
When you have found what you what you are looking for regarding these three questions check out the price. Calculated and patient purchasing will increase your chance of getting your money's worth.

Which is preferable a mattress with springs or without?

A spring mattress supports the body "spring heads" that are covered by a layer of soft material for comfort. Some people prefer the feeling of the springs. If you have bought a spring-mattress make sure that a number of technologies have been combined that prevent excess movement on the mattress when you shift from side to side.
Unlike the spring mattress, the no-spring mattress is flexible and provides more homogenous support over the whole mattress area. We recommend this mattress.

Which mattress is healthier, a soft one or a hard one?

The mattress is not considered a health product but can improve the quality of life so you should choose one that will feel comfortable for you for many years. The degree of hardness is not significant regarding health.

Which mattress is suitable for backache?

Usually a harder mattress rather than the normal one is advisable. It is recommended that you buy a non-spring mattress with the "maximum support".

Which youth sofa would you suggest?

The mattress is the most important part of the sofa. It is important that it should contain viscose or latex which superior materials that raise the quality of the mattress and prevent deformation.
The linen box should be smooth and deep and should be covered with good quality material that will promise its durability for a long time.
We promise high standard warranty and customer service.
Eliminates electrical induction preventing electromagnetic affects from the bed head engine thus protecting the child during sleep.

What is the difference between visco and latex?

Both the materials imported from Europe are high quality and are usually combined with a layer of soft quilting.

What is so different between your company and others? In short!

Why Polyron?

Polyron has had 40 years of experience in mattresses and sleep products.
Our uncompromising quality complies with the most stringent international quality standards.
We maintain the best customer service in Israel for sleep products.
We uphold exclusive technologies acquired with the approved of European environmental standards.
As a Polyron customer, we will do all in our power to fulfill your expectations.